Wellbeing Services

There are many ways to support wellbeing. Jonah partners with Reiki Master Carey Sinclair (Adego-Giizis Reiki & Healing) to offer supplemental healing services. Reiki is known as energy healing work, and can be a complementary resource as people pursue change or healing in their lives.

Contact Carey for more info, rates, and to schedule appointments.

Day of Healing: Each month, various practitioners come together to offer auricular acupuncture, trauma informed yoga, Reiki, Cedar Baths, and other practices. Contact Carey directly, or Jonah, to learn more and to find out upcoming dates.

Auricular Acupuncture: Contact us to learn more about accessing this service. Auricular Acupuncture supports overall wellbeing and has been proven to offer help for people seeking support to curb addiction and cravings.