Why Jonah & Our Values

       See below for what people are saying about Jonah …. 

Jonah Values 

Safe, supportive RELATIONSHIPS as foundational to wellbeing

Thinking carefully about POWER; how we use it, not abusing it, re-distributing it

PEOPLE are not problems; diagnoses are not identities

MUTUALITY, where everyone matters equally and we all contribute our gifts to collective WELLBEING

HEALING journeys are for systems and structures, too

NON-PATHOLOGISING practice. Strengths, not deficits

RECONCILIATION MATTERS.  Between people, between groups, in systems


Why should you choose Jonah Counselling & Consulting?   What people are saying:

  • The relationship that you have with our youth is outstanding.  You go far and beyond to meet with them and work with them where they’re at.  They value that relationship. – Agency social worker contracting Jonah for community based, flexible youth counsellingunnamed-1
  • “Your passion for people helped our family comprehend the mysteries of our brother’s brain injury.  We have always struggled with how best to support him …  you’ve given us coping strategies so our brother can be happier and more fulfilled.” – Jonah Family Therapy clients
  • “Jonah consulting has supported me in my own counselling practice, offering me invaluable input and support, enabling me to better serve my own clients.”  – MSW graduate counsellor seeking supervision/support for her practice from Jonah
  • “We tried couple counselling a few times, and this was the first time we felt heard instead of judged. Every session helped us renegotiate the way we relate to each other, but it never felt like you were telling us what to do.” – Jonah Couple Counselling clients
  • “I appreciate the ways you are willing to flex and be creative to support all the members of this family toward health and re-unification.” – Agency Social Worker contracting Jonah for family therapy and support services

Why the name “Jonah?”


The real founder of the JONAH name!

Back in 2011 when we were busy trying to think up a fitting name for this counselling practice, this little guy (pictured here with the buffalo) was busy being excited about the well known story of Jonah being swallowed by a Big Fish. For a while, we were reading that story daily! When you read a single story over and over, it can become absorbed into your life, like a song on repeat. That’s what stories do, they shape who we are and guide us through our lives.  Exploring the power of story is foundational to the way we work with people at Jonah Counselling. Not surprisingly, after reading about Jonah and the big fish over and over, we found ourselves considering that story as we thought about our hopes for this work.

Stories are like teachers that can help us grow toward (or away from) the values and preferences we want to embrace in our lives.   The well known tale about Jonah and the fish is an example (albeit a convoluted and odd example!) of someone struggling to make sense of their experience. Examination; re-orienting were needed …. and it wasn’t only Jonah that needed to reflect and make changes.  The Jonah story is actually a powerful description about how dominant stories in our society affect us, sometimes in devastating and unjust ways.  This parable is important because it helps us see that however unrealistic it seems, there can be hope for oppressive realities to change.  The struggles of our lives aren’t solely located within us. In therapy, we can renegotiate relationship with commonly held beliefs and discourses that don’t contribute to our wellbeing.

Image used with permission. Click for artist link.

We all need to find time and support for examining our lives, considering our values or purpose, coming to terms with our regrets, finding ways toward healing the wounds we’ve experienced. We also need to be honest about the ways social values and cultural norms both help and harm us. At Jonah Counselling, we’d like to accompany you on your journey of awareness and wellbeing.


“JONAH lobbed a message of radical re-orientation (and reconciliation) into the midst of a brutal imperial system and a million hardened hearts. And miraculously, the whole city, animals included, forms a circle, chants Amen, AND DOES LIFE DIFFERENTLY.” – Steve Heinrichs, from Buffalo Shout, Salmon Cry: Conversations on Creation, Land Justice, and Life Together 

Working Together in a Good Way  (a note for third party contractors and partners) 

At Jonah Counselling & Consulting, we’re committed to collaborative helping relationships that strengthen individuals, families, and communities.  Working together in a good way is foundational to everything  we do with clients, community members, or partners.

If we sign a contract to work together,  you can count on us to make humane and compassionate decisions that keep everyone’s wellbeing at the centre. You can count on us to be collaborative and creative. We’ll be honest and we won’t put business goals ahead of working in respectful, people-centred ways. We won’t misuse power or manipulate; we are more interested in sharing power in inclusive ways that help everyone. If we make a commitment to you, we’ll do our very best to honour it. If something goes wrong, we’ll talk about it. If we make a mistake, we’ll take responsibility. We welcome dialogue, and we hope you’ll feel free to test us on this.

We want to work with folks who are interested in these values too. Let’s work together in a good, sincere way, because it’s better for everyone when we do. This is how we work toward stronger communities.